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Siobhan Collie
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The 91st Academy Awards graced us with their glamour and prowess for another year. The entertainment community honoured their best in filmmaking and reminded film fans around the world why we love cinema. This got us thinking: if we were in charge of giving out an Oscar, what would it be for and who would have won amongst this year’s films?

1. Black Panther

Screenshot of the Black Panther movie website homepage.
The website for Black Panther teases the breathtaking scenery you’ll see in the movie.

Coming in at number one, Marvel has done a killer job at promoting the Black Panther movie across multiple digital channels. The fans’ love for comic stories and bringing them to life on the screen continues to soar. They combined eye-catching, consistent branding with visual graphics and effects that are as new-age and impressive as Wakanda. Take a look at their dominating digital presence below:

  • Kickass website with an animated homepage.
  • A very active and fun Facebook page with over 1 million followers.
  • A visually enticing Twitter feed almost 1 million followers.
  • A slightly repetitive yet sporadic Instagram feed, also with over 1 million followers.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

Screenshot of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie website homepage.
A daring and in-depth website that gives you what you want––access to the movie!

Fox Movies’ Bohemian Rhapsody took out second place in promoting their highly anticipated musical experience. This captivating celebration of Queen and their music, and Freddie Mercury, their fabulously remarkable lead singer, exceeded expectations of fans across the globe. Its popularity was accurately reflected in its online presence. See below for their staggering stats:

  • A daring and in-depth website that gives you what you want––access to the movie, darlings!
  • An inspirational and tantalizing Facebook page with nearly 597k followers.
  • A Twitter feed that channelled the movie insightfully and has 120k followers.
  • An impressionable and vibrant Instagram feed with 837k followers.

3. A Star Is Born

Screenshot of the A Star Is Born movie website homepage.
A beautiful website that focuses on the film and the music.

One of the most talked-about films leading up to the Oscars has scored the bronze medal in digital. A Star Is Born used its full hype power to promote the movie and soundtrack on the web. As soon as you land on the website you’re drawn into the romantic and heartbreaking story of Ally and Jack. Have a look below at the film’s digital footprint.

4. BlacKkKlansman

Screenshot of Blackkklansman movie website homepage.
Dive in with a fearless and visually enthralling website.

Taking out fourth spot is the incredible true story of African-American detective, Ron Stallworth. The BlacKkKlansman movie was brought to the big screens by Focus Features and director, Spike Lee. The animated homepage background draws you in with a glimpse of the historic, action-packed story being told. Check out the digital presence of this vintage-era inspired film:

  • Dive in with a fearless and visually enthralling website.
  • A video for a cover photo sets the tone for a forward-thinking Facebook page with 87.2k followers.
  • An encompassing Twitter feed with over 19k followers that promotes the film’s underlying message.
  • A politically and socially charged Instagram feed with 29.6k followers.

5. The Favourite

Screenshot of The Favourite movie website homepage.
An alluring website that draws you into the complicated story of the Queen and her ladies.

Taking out fifth place is a dramatic movie set in 18th century England that tells the lonely story of Queen Anne and her status-seeking “companions”. The Favourite‘s digital presence is encompassing and Fox Search Light showcases their film favourably across all of the relevant online channels. Have a look at their digital demeanour below:

  • An alluring website that draws you into the complicated story of the Queen and her ladies.
  • A timely and regal Facebook page with just over 33k followers.
  • Although dramatically fewer followers with only 7.8k, the Twitter feed does a great job at promoting the movie.
  • All in favour of an Instagram feed celebrating the film, the actors, and over 22k followers.

6. Green Book

Screenshot of the Green Book movie website homepage.
A website that does its job but does not go above and beyond in design, layout, or UX experience.

Although winning the Oscar for best picture, Universal’s Green Book takes out the sixth spot on our digital presence scoreboard. This film is inspired by a true friendship that transcends race and class. However, it would seem their popularity with the Academy Award voters did not transcend across their online channels. Check out their digital footprint (with room for improvement) below:

  • A website that does its job but does not go above and beyond in design, layout, or UX experience.
  • Gained the most followers on their Facebook page with just over 55k.
  • A Twitter feed of only 847 followers does a quality job with the memes.
  • A text-heavy Instagram feed with 14k followers seems to have missed the point of this visual platform.

7. Vice

Screenshot of the Vice movie website homepage.
Bold, yet simple is what comes to mind with the website.

The movie portraying the story of the Vice President who’s actions changed the course of history takes out the wooden spoon in this competition. Vice‘s digital presence covers the basics well but does not excel in any area. Such an incredible true story (told through drama and comedy!) could have been a hit in the social arena. Take a look at their online stats for yourself below:

  • Bold, yet simple is what comes to mind with the website.
  • Admittedly a pretty serious Facebook page for a comedy-drama with just over 14k followers.
  • A pretty (boring) standard Twitter feed showing 4.5k followers that really could have gone to town on the creative memes from this film.
  • Vice’s Instagram feed is a bit text-heavy and repetitive with only 7k followers.

8. Roma

Roma on Netflix.
It’s unfortunate Netflix doesn’t bother with official film websites.

The last place goes to Roma, the story of a domestic worker, Cleo, who helps Antonio and Sofía take care of their four children in 1970s Mexico City. Complications soon arise when Antonio suddenly runs away with his mistress and Cleo finds out that she’s pregnant. When Sofía decides to take the kids on vacation, she invites Cleo for a much-needed getaway to clear her mind and bond with the family.

Why last? Well, it’s hard to rank a movie that’s only web presence is within Netflix for having put effort into an “official movie website”. Of course, Netflix is a great website. But Netflix’s website isn’t original to the movie.

Good evening and goodnight.

There we have it, the Oscar-nominated films of 2019 rated from top to bottom on their standing in the digital world. In today’s society of untapped audience reach online, a film would be crazy not to use their website and social channels strategically to drum up hype. If you can afford Christian Bale and Amy Adams, you can afford a tailored, targeted digital marketing plan.


A digital media nomad, Siobhan is making Kelowna her next home to grow her career. She’s passionate about people and communications, with experience managing brands and projects across a variety of industries. This Aussie is all about thinking strategically to find efficient solutions, and she’s a whizz at getting it done!

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