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We can take you through the whole app development process, from wireframe construction and prototype design, all the way through development, testing, and publishing. We can bring your app ideas to life, providing an amazing user experience, every step of the way.

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App Development
App Development
What we do
  • Plan

    Wireframes & Prototypes

    Wireframes are the blueprints of the tech world, stripping design down to just the bare bones of functionality.

  • Test

    Testing & Publishing

    On top of functionality and usability, there are many other aspects to consider testing before publishing.

  • Deliver

    Cross-Platform Compatibility

    Whether Apple or Android, apps must be built to translate well across a variety of platforms, over a wide range of screen sizes and device types.

  • Reach

    Notifications & Marketing

    No matter how exciting your app is, people lose interest when the excitement wears off. We can keep users engaged and build critical mass.


Prototypes to profit.

After wire-framing, it’s time to beautify your app. In the mockup stage, we take the wireframe and add in the colours, logos, and design elements that reflect your brand’s identity.

Once look and feel are established, we begin the prototyping process. The Prototype is the first interactive version of the app, a working model that can be taken to preliminary testing.

This stage helps to guide the app development process, based on real user interactions instead of speculation. By addressing design flaws before we begin development, we are able to save time and money when creating the final product.


Blueprints and renderings.

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, and in much the same way, you can’t get away with a thrown together app. Wireframes are the blueprints of the tech world, stripping design down to just the bare bones of functionality.

Once you take away the colours, design assets, and images, all that you’re left with is a map of user interaction. It won’t look pretty, but this is where we establish the purpose.

This planning stage is essential in determining what you have to offer a user. If they can’t find their way around without all of the bells and whistles, then you’ve failed at the fundamentals.

Kabooter Knomes mobile app development screen mockups of city in game


Performing across platforms.

Apps must be built to translate well across a variety of platforms. Whether Apple or Android, on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The app must also translate well at high and low resolutions, and on a variety of screen sizes. This was especially important for our interactive toy client, Kabooter Knomes.

Kabooter Knomes began as a storybook for children, designed to foster imagination through the use of gnome folklore. From this initial concept, Kit & Kabooter was born. The play kit features a storybook, a high-quality gnome doll, and a variety of craft materials.

The purpose of the kit is to promote creative play, and what better way to do this than to supplement with a free, interactive app. Here, children are able to explore the Land of Kabooter, filled with stories, craft ideas, and games.

As an app tailored specifically for child audiences, the design had to be playful and engaging. Its function needed to translate smoothly across all platforms.

A Year of Boxes Box Club App Mockup A Year of Boxes App Mockup; highlighting our mobile app development services


Finding your niche.

The app rush is over. To win now, your app must stand out. We build apps around your vision, bringing novel ideas to life. We focus on quality over quantity, obsess over small details, all the while strategizing how to maximize utility.


Testing the waters.

Once an app has been developed, it’s ready for testing. On top of functionality and usability, there are many other aspects to consider testing before publishing. Where will be app be downloaded from, and does it download quickly and completely? How will the login process work, and is it secure for storing personal user information? Is it efficient across a variety of networks, and does it perform well under low-battery or low-memory device conditions?

Get Noticed

Mastering mobile app marketing.

Killer apps mean nothing if no one can find them. After publishing, our first goal in marketing is to increase downloads. Through app analytics, we can track where your users are coming from, and predict where they will be in the future.

Much like SEO, app store optimization (ASO) works to promote apps naturally. This includes click-worthy icons, engaging landing pages, and descriptive content. We also display informative screenshots and generate app reviews.

Another avenue for promotion is through paid advertising. By utilizing search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, and app store advertisements, we’re able to ensure that the right audience is finding your app.


A little nudge in the right direction.

Our second goal in marketing is keeping users engaged once they’ve downloaded your app. No matter how exciting your app is, it is inevitable that users will exit-out at some point. Push notifications are an effective way of communicating with your audience, reminding them of the value that you provide.

Push notifications should be gentle reminders and not annoyances. There is a fine line between strategic marketing and spam, and users will quickly mute your notifications if you’re edging too close to the latter. As experts in digital marketing, we can help you promote your app in a way that keeps your customers coming back for more.

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