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These days consumers suffer from information overload. There is just too much advertising, in too many places, hitting them far too often. You need to stand out and killer graphic design is one way to do that.

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Graphic Design
Graphic Design
What we do
  • Stunning

    Business Cards & Stationery

    Gain recognition with stunning business cards and stationery that will help your brand stand out and get noticed.

  • Memorable

    Displays & Brochures

    Sales calls? Trade shows? Walk-ins? When meeting clients in person, arm yourself with eye-catching displays and brochures.

  • Eye-Catching

    Powerful Advertisements

    It’s hard to find a surface or screen that doesn’t have advertising. Good advertising, however, is hard to find. Yours needs to rise above.

  • Must Haves

    Promotional Swag

    Swag comes in many forms, such as clothing, water bottles, sunglasses, toys, and stickers. Whatever your merch is, it should be unforgettable.

The District on Bernard poster in yellow and magenta, including a photography fashionable woman; highlighting our graphic design services at Twirling Umbrellas

Your Best You

Finding your flow.

The steps to building a great brand are much like building a successful relationship. You start by taking the time to be your BEST self, with a fresh new look (your logo and brand guide) and an extra bit of soul searching (your brand personality). You first have to discover who you are, and then work at feeling confident in your new style.

Next, it’s time to find a suitor, or in this case, many suitors. Finding the ones who really get you can be tough, but with a strong brand identity like yours, there’s a lot to like. As your name gets around, prospects will start rolling in, and then it’s time to date.

Dating an audience in the digital age can be tricky. There’s so much competition out there, and without the proper attention, you risk your suitors getting bored and moving on to someone new.

In this stage, it is critical that you don’t get lazy. You have to be vulnerable, but confident. Attentive, but not overwhelming. Your brand identity has to be cohesive, while still flowing flawlessly from one space to the next.

Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.Jeffrey Zeldman


Smashing your goals.

You may be thinking, how can I possibly maintain a level of sophistication in the brand space? Maintaining a brand can definitely be time-consuming. It can be hard to satisfy your audience while pursuing your other dreams, like becoming an all-star athlete, for example. Not to worry, at Twirling Umbrellas we have mastered the art of brand maintenance. And we’re here to help!

Brand maintenance requires a strategy to be successful. If you are creating promotional materials without a purpose, how can you possibly measure success? Our goal in graphic design is to help our clients clearly define their business objectives, and then create the materials that support them.

Ten/17 black business card with logo and company information Ten/17 Business Cards highlighting graphic design at Twirling Umbrellas


Recognition by design.

Most often, in the early development of a brand, the first objective of graphic design is simply brand recognition. In a competitive market, it is the repeated interactions with a brand that help it to get recognized. This consists of many aspects, including consistent colour and typography. Our cannabis division Ten/17 is a great example of this, with its eye-catching, ultra-sleek business cards.

A signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80 percent Color Matters

E-dynamic Learning Graphic Design Booklet on a teal background


Marketing enlightenment.

After brand recognition, the next purpose of graphic design is brand awareness. A customer may recognize Starbucks by its characteristic green, but they are most-likely also aware that their main offering is fancy coffee. For a giant like Starbucks, brand awareness happens through the mass marketing of a specific identity (and tasty beverages). There are, however, simpler methods that YOU can use to market your brand.

eDynamic Learning offers over one-hundred online educational courses for high-school students. For them, we created resources that connect with students, parents, and teachers across North America. We were able to present large amounts of information in easy-to-digest formats, all by using strategic placement and design.

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Design that dazzles.

Graphic design is still one of the most effective means of visual communication. We’ll help you consistently keep your visual message on-point. Reach out and let’s talk.

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