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The game plan for social success.

Hmmm… what should you post today? And where, and when? Then of course there’s tomorrow! Not to mention all the different platforms and their unique nuances and formats. It can all get pretty overwhelming. Not to worry. With a thoughtful social media strategy in place, you’ll be equipped with the framework and tools to plan ahead and execute on time.

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Social Media
Social Media
What we do
  • Blueprint

    Social Content Framework

    Our team will map out a strategy for the types of content to post, when and where. We’ll create high-level content categories that help you bring something valuable to the table.

  • Style

    Visual Style Guide

    This includes photography style, typography and graphic recommendations. Everything for your social presence to be consistent.

  • Toolkit

    Creative Assets & Templates

    We’ll create assets and templates that your team can use to build the post types that are in heavy rotation.

  • Proactive

    Planning & Scheduling

    With different requirements for each platform, it can become a full-time endeavour to keep everything up to speed. Let's plan it out in advance.

“Engage, enlighten, encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.”
Susan Cooper


Bringing something valuable to the social table.

As with any marketing strategy, we’ll first define the objectives and what you’re hoping to get out of social media. Using social to drive new leads may not be realistic. However, increasing engagement and growing followers are totally valid goals. The framework we’ll develop will essentially be your game plan for all relevant channels

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Cohesive visual style across the board.

What’s the vibe like? Part of our strategy will include establishing the visual standard. This includes photography style, type and graphic recommendations and more. We’ll also create templates your team can use to build the post types that are in heavy rotation. That way you don’t have to come to us everytime you need a new event post or hiring post – it’ll already be locked and loaded.

Valens Extracted Podcast Mobile Phone Mockup on Left Valens Extracted Podcast Mobile Phone Mockup


It can’t be all about you.

As much as many companies want to use social media as a sales tool to talk exclusively about their business, it’s not really built for that. We like to think of social media as one big party. And no one wants to get stuck at a party talking to someone who only goes on (and on) about themselves. If you can share the type of information that’s related to your business but beneficial to your audience, it’s win-win.

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Platforms and planning ahead.

With different requirements for each platform, it can become a full-time endeavor to keep everything up to speed. We use scheduling tools like Later to schedule posts across multiple platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) ahead of time. This allows us to plan out an entire month of content at a time. Huge time-saver. Rather than worrying about what to post everyday, you’ll be able to stay well ahead of the curve.


Let’s get social.

If you’re looking for help creating and launching your social strategy, hit us up. Simply fill in your name and email, and let’s talk about how we can up your social game.

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