Website Design Process

Website Design Process
Website Design Process
How we work

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How we work, in a nutshell. 

Every project has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Our process exists to help us work efficiently and effectively. It’s also set up to provide you with opportunities at key stages to review our progress and provide your input. 

Discovery Phase

This phase is a chance for our Strategy team to ask a ton of questions and get a deep understanding of your business. The Discovery meeting is typically 1–2 hours long. We’ll have 3 people from our team and recommend having no more than 3 people from your team in this meeting. 

These sessions are most productive if you come prepared with initial thoughts about your objectives, audience, competitors, and your brand personality. That way there’s more engaged discussion and less awkward silences. 

Branding Phase

Based on the information from the discovery phase, our Design team will begin finding inspiration and concepting ideas. We know a brand is more than a logo, so we’ll look to capture an overall feeling that includes a distinct colour palette and real-world examples of application. 

We’ll present 3 brand concepts, at which point you’ll have a chance to choose 1 and make suggestions for further refinement. Once the concept is approved, we’ll supply the logo files and guidelines. 

Content Phase 

To start writing your content,  we’ll need to get some information from you. We’ll put together an outline that maps out the content for key pages and ask any questions needed to fill in the gaps. 

Once we have the answers, it’s off to the races. Our Content team will start writing with your brand voice in mind. We’ll team up with design to showcase content on the homepage and an interior page. This lets you see the content in context, so it’s not just words on a white page. 

Design Phase

Once your logo is approved, we’ll start designing key pages of the website. This typically includes the homepage and one interior page. The design style of these pages creates the foundation for the site. Layouts, typography styles, button styles, and more from the initial design will be used throughout the rest of the site.

The User Experience (UX) of these pages is hugely important to us. Our designers create clickable wireframes with best practices for the site’s usability top of mind. We then refine the website design to ensure users get the most out of their experience. 

Development Phase

By now, you will have approved the content and design, and it’s time to get programming! Our Developer team will begin building your site. This is generally where the majority of time goes on websites so don’t be surprised you haven’t heard from us in a little while, we’ve got our heads down drinking coffee and crushing code. 

Changes Alterations Revisions

Revisions happen. In fact, it’s pretty rare for a project to have zero revisions. We’ve budgeted a reasonable amount of hours for revisions for this project. However, things can get a little tricky when revisions are treated like an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

Here’s how you can make the most of your revisions: 

  1. Make sure all key decision-makers on your team have had a chance to review the work before you provide feedback. 
  2. Provide all revision requests at once, in one concise document or email. 
  3. Give feedback at the right time in the process. Content changes that come in late take more time re-design, and design changes that come in late take more time to develop. 

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance is the final piece of the puzzle. It ensures that the website visitor gets the best user experience possible. Our Content team adds meta descriptions, relevant key phrases and title tags for each page. This gives clients a head start on SEO

Our Development team generates privacy policy, terms & conditions, and 301 redirects for old webpages. They conduct a review to ensure that all functions work on all browsers. We also do a mobile review to ensure the website works well in portrait and landscape mode. And lastly, we generate a backup to ensure that nothing gets lost.

Quality Assurance is exactly how it sounds. We make sure only quality websites with correctly working functionalities are launched into the world!  

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Our process is tried and true. We work with you to create digital gold. We promise to get to know you, understand your business goals and ultimately how we can achieve them. All of this is possible because of our talented team of designers, developers, marketing specialists and content strategists.

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