Amaris Bourdeau BJ

Black and white headshot of Amaris Bourdeau, Copywriter at Twirling Umbrellas.

About Amaris

Amaris is fascinated by the unique stories behind every brand, and she’s absolutely all-consumed by words. This has led her to seek out a career in copywriting and brand storytelling, in which she’s collaborated with countless brands to create prose seeping with the entity’s unique personality.

Amaris graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College, and later studied publishing at Simon Fraser University.

Quick Hits

  • Spent three years as a senior content writer at TELUS
  • Spearheaded the writing portion of the campaign to rebrand Quebec’s most famous liqueur: Sortilège
  • Huge fan of graphic novels and children’s literature
  • Avid gardener; amateur mushroom picker

I’ve always had a hard time accepting the indescribable, the sentiments and circumstances that are nearly impossible to explain. I think of them often and try endlessly to put words to them. This devotion to words has followed me everywhere I’ve gone, and I ultimately made a career of it.

Favourite Things

When she’s not working on producing words, Amaris is busy consuming them. She gets her wisdom from Joni Mitchell and her thrills from skiing, paddleboarding, and camping. She’s very much obsessed with hunting for mushrooms and learning from the forest.

Amaris' flay lay of items representing her personality.

Who Inspires Amaris

  • Joan Didion
  • Lorelai Gilmore
  • Leandra Medine Cohen
  • Nora Vasconcellos

You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.

Robin Williams