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Bryce Byrnes BCom

Black and white headshot of Bryce Byrnes, Social Media Coordinator.

About Bryce

Bryce is our social media guru and in house photographer. With a degree in business, a background in marketing, and a passion for digital storytelling, Bryce has sought to marry these passions in his career choice and has found a great fit here at Twirling. As a Twirler, Bryce likes to colour outside of the lines and never shies away from a challenge. From creating bold social strategies, to developing out of the box imagery, he really is a jack of all trades.

In his five years of experience, Bryce has helped elevate everything from small businesses to multinational corporations across industries with his creative tactics; most notably working with companies in the automotive, travel, and construction industries.

Quick Hits

  • Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria
  • Created images for Iceland Air, Skoda Auto, Trek Bikes, and Turner Construction Co.
  • Avid skier, biker, adventurer, and coffee drinker. Currently mastering the art of mountain top brewing with my Aeropress.
  • Usually daydreaming of a life off the grid – find me in ten years living in a cabin in the woods.

I love social media because it pushes me to think outside the box, develop quick and creative solutions, and develop meaningful relationships with businesses and people alike. Most importantly, social media allows me to share stories that I’m passionate about.

Favourite Things

When he’s not at work, Bryce lives to explore. A connoisseur of campsites, mountain top coffees, and epic ski lines, Bryce can usually be found outdoors with his dog and a camera in hand. If he’s not out exploring, you can find him nerding out on camera gear, listening to the latest tech podcast, or sipping his new favourite local beer. Bryce is a believer in craft and quality and seeks to instill these values in everything he does, from the relationships he builds to the images he creates, it all requires a fine eye for detail and a passion for people.

Photographer and Social Media Coordinator, Bryce Byrnes paddling in a canoe.

Who Inspires Bryce

  • Paul Nicklen
  • Charly Savely
  • Sam Harris
  • Mr. Radford, his Kindergarten teacher

Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.

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