Lead Developer

Colin Brinson

About Colin

Colin delivers high-performing digital creative work that exceeds quality, usability, and accessibility standards. With nearly 10-years of website and software development experience, Colin has specialized in WordPress and eCommerce website development, with a roster of award-winning websites under his belt.

Colin grew up surrounded by technology and computers, always creating or designing new things. Whether it be for online communities or local events and groups, he was always interested in creating new and interesting digital experiences. Colin graduated from the Graphic & Digital Media Design course at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, BC.

Quick Hits

  • Graduated from the GDMD Course at the Centre for Arts and Technology
  • Involved in the creation of the Valens, Jane Hoffman, Source Office Furniture websites, and many other award-winning sites
  • Originally began learning design and how to develop webpages when he was 10-years old, for online communities such as Neopets
  • Created his own (now defunct) in-office lunch catering business, for the wonderful employees of Twirling Umbrellas

“I just love creating new things, and finding new and innovative ways to solve existing problems for businesses. I’ve always found satisfaction in using a creatively-driven mindset to solve more traditional development problems.”

Favourite Things

Outside of work, you’ll find Colin spending his spare time cooking, baking, or absorbing more culinary knowledge through videos, documentaries, or cookbooks. A life-long nerd, he’s also known to spend his nights playing video games, re-watching Star Wars for the 100th time, or tinkering with any new technology he’s recently got his hands on.

Colin's flat lay of items representing his personality.

Who Inspires Colin

  • Dave Chang
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Mark Hamill
  • Trevor Linden
  • Stephen Merchant
  • Shila LeWoof

I'm not afraid to look like an idiot.

Anthony Bourdain


  • His parents are very proud of where he is today
  • “Good job!” – a coworker, sometime, probably