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Molly Gibson Kirby

Molly Gibson Kirby

About Molly

Molly is a journalist and content strategist who has worked in television, radio, print and online. She started her career in Manitoba, north of the 55th parallel, reading morning news on the radio. Working her way to print at The Thompson Citizen, Molly wrote articles about life in the north, city politics and Indigenous and northern issues.

Molly moved to Kelowna and made her way to the world of marketing. She has developed expertise in real estate and social media marketing. As Twirling’s Content Strategist, you’ll find Molly crafting content for client websites and writing in-depth articles about the latest marketing trends.

Quick Hits

  • Studied Radio + Television Arts (RTA) with a major in Broadcast Journalism at Nova Scotia Community College
  • Work has been featured on
  • Certified through HubSpot’s Business Academy
  • Born in Liverpool, England and grew up in Liverpool, Nova Scotia
  • Shares personal life lessons and travel escapades on her blog, The Book of Molly

My goal for my writing has always been to help others. I eventually moved away from journalism because I didn’t feel like I was helping by sharing bad news.

Marketing allows me to support businesses by showcasing their talents and passions. I love diving deep into a client’s industry to better understand what they’re looking to get out of content creation. It feels extremely fulfilling when a website goes live that I’ve had my part in creating.

Favourite Things

Outside of the office, Molly can be found at the bouldering gym conquering new routes, devoting countless hours to her yoga mat and meditation pillow or getting lost in a new book. Molly is determined to lower her plastic pollution and can always be found with a coffee mug, reusable water bottle and a bamboo utensil kit in her bag.

Who Inspires Molly

  • Tiaga Prem Singh
  • Steffanie Mackie
  • Jane Howell
  • Venetia Falconer

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.

Anaïs Nin


  • RTA Full Ride Scholarship
  • RTA Journalism Award
  • 20km Trail Race
  • 30 Day Yoga Challenge, 2018 + 2019
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