Graphic Designer

Petr Stroner

About Petr

Petr is a Graphic & Web Designer with over 20 years of experience in Europe and Canada. He has worked for marketing and advertising agencies, printing companies, publishers and as an “In-House Designer” for a variety of companies. Together, this has given him valuable experience and a complete understanding of the design process from all sides.

After about 10 years of designing printed materials, Petr found interesting opportunities in UI/UX and web design so he extended his focus into digital design. He also has a broad experience with branding and advertising, so he’s up for any design task or challenge.

Quick Hits

  • Graduated with a technical degree in Graphic Design
  • Holds multiple certificates including: Color Management, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and Online Marketing;
  • Created designs for big companies like Sony, Konica Minolta, Skoda Auto, and Dominos Pizza
  • Camping lover and Canadian wilderness explorer

I love that every client and every project is different because it forces me to learn something new. I also like the psychological aspect of designing – thinking if I was the target group, what would work on me? Then design things based on this.

Favourite Things

When he’s not at work, spending time with family, working in the garden, exploring wilderness, restoring his house, sitting by the fire with friends, trying to catch a fish, skiing, or helping his wife with dishes, you can usually find Petr sleeping. All of the above are his favourite things (except the dishes).

Petr's flat lay of items representing his personality.

Who Inspires Petr

  • Everybody in certain way.

Happiness is only real once shared.

Christopher McCandless


  • Attended 2017 Adobe Max – the world’s biggest annual conference for Designers
  • Can survive and still somehow enjoy camping in winter without a tent