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Cast Your Vote in This Year’s ADCANN Awards

Bryce Byrnes
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Since 2018, ADCANN has been the authority in cannabis marketing and advertising. Every year, they host their ADCANN Awards where they recognize the industry’s top producers, retailers, brands, and marketers. 

BOLD Growth's Instagram account that was nominated for the ADCANN awards shown on a mobile phone with images from their posts across the background of the image.

In this year’s ADCANN Awards, BOLD Growth has been nominated and shortlisted in the top 5 for “Craft Brand of the Year” and “Best Social Media”. We’ve come a long way with BOLD and couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve accomplished with them. Cast your vote today for BOLD and your other cannabis industry favourites.

Voting is open until December 31st and voters are encouraged to vote once per day until then. 

BOLD has been nominated in the following categories:

Learn more about our work with Bold Growth.

Twirling Umbrellas x Bold Growth:
A Highly Enjoyable Pairing 

BOLD Growth's brand guide open to a page that says, "Seriously crafted weed for the supremely unpretentious"

TU – Notes of Creativity & Friendliness

Twirling Umbrellas has always sought to be the friendliest group of humans in the digital world. We take great pride in our work and love collaborating with like-minded companies. With these values at the core of our business, we’ve had the opportunity to explore many industries and collaborate with a wide range of companies. Along the way, we’ve become even more passionate about exploring new opportunities and venturing into the unknown. 

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how eager we were to jump into a new industry on October 17, 2018. With the federal legalization of cannabis finally coming to Canada, we recognized a great need for elevated marketing and advertising campaigns in what was inevitably going to become a hyper-competitive space.

The three years since then have been equal parts exciting, tumultuous, and rewarding. 

Along the way, we’ve seen staggering development and had the opportunity to work with some of the top cannabis companies in Canada. One such company is BOLD Growth Inc. 

Bold Growth – Notes of Premium Craft & Weirdness

Image from BOLD Growth's social media of a cannabis bud on a green background with text saying, "We played music to help our plants grow. They started moshing."

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, BOLD Growth specializes in growing supremely awesome craft cannabis. Producing highly potent and high-quality strains since 2018, they’ve established themselves as a premium producer in this highly competitive industry. Even so, they recognized there was untapped potential in their brand. That’s where we came in. 

Starting in early 2020, we collaborated with BOLD Growth to develop a brand identity and strategy that would bring the bold ideas behind the brand to life. In addition, we spearheaded a social media campaign for them that promotes their great weed and encapsulates all the weird and wonderful aspects of BOLD.

Featuring a wide array of content, we wanted BOLD’s social channels to reflect what we saw consumers loving about the brand. With that in mind, we developed an out-of-the-box strategy centred around strong imagery, amazing products, and moments that will make you stop and think, “WTF?” 

And our shared vision paid off.

Don’t forget to check out their Instagram and vote for BOLD in the ADCANN Awards. 

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Bryce Byrnes

With a degree in business, a background in marketing, and a passion for digital storytelling, Bryce has sought to marry these passions in his career choice.

Ryan McGrew, Award-winning Copywriter and Creative Director at Twirling Umbrellas.


Ryan McGrew

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