Twirling Umbrellas Named Leading Canadian Developer

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Chris Stephens

Picture of the Twirling Umbrellas Kelowna Office in the Innovation Centre, Named Leading Canadian Developer

The Twirling umbrella’s Kelowna office in the innovation centre, where the magic happens. Professionally built digital experiences, branding, design, marketing, and optimization.

Chris Stephens, Twirling Umbrellas CEO, in black and white.

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His bookshelf is a mishmash of leadership learnings, the latest in technology, and Marvel Comic heroes. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Clark Kent and Elon Musk, he started Twirling Umbrellas in 2013. Since then has built it into the ambitious, digital agency it is today. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find him rising at 5 am for his boys’ hockey tournaments or training for a marathon.