Abundant opportunity for growth.

Connecting communities in rural Alberta.

The Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED) is a collaboration between 25 communities and affiliate members in East-Central Alberta. As a non-profit organization, BRAED’s mission is to drive sustainable economic growth in the region. BRAED required a professional online presence to attract investors and new residents to the region. We developed an inspiring investment-focused experience that also serves as the main portal for community members.


Promoting 4 industries and 25 communities to international investors




Brand Development
Information Architecture
UX & UI Design
Website Development

Tech Stack


Digital Brand Refresh

Revitalizing the region.

BREAD’s existing brand was decades old and needed a modern, digital-friendly brand system to align with their progressive approach. Vibrant tones with contemporary typography and engaging infographics set the foundation for the website’s look and feel. The new design system pays homage to the past and guides BRAED to the future with confidence and authenticity.



User Experience

Rethinking the structure.

We re-invented the site’s architecture and reorganized a robust amount of content to consolidate pages and streamline user paths. The slide-out menu provides a birds-eye view of the site’s content. To create a compelling user experience, we focused on intuitive UI elements that encourage users to explore the region and its communities. The new site builds trust and reflects BRAED’s status as a leading destination for investment opportunity.

Content & Design

Visually-driven and value-based.

The previous BREAD site was full of stats about the region and its industries. However these were displayed as long lists of bullet points, overwhelming users with information. We focused on data visualization to help bring key information to light in a more appealing way.

We also crafted comprehensive pages highlighting the value of investing, working and living in the region. While these pages feature a large amount of content, the secondary navigation puts users in control to jump to the sections they deem most valuable.


Community exploration.

With a key stakeholder being the communities themselves, we developed an interactive map featuring all 25 communities. The points of the map direct users to individual community pages that highlight the economic and lifestyle benefits of each community. This involved migrating and restyling a significant amount of content, while ensuring it aligns to the brand’s new elevated style.

Final Thoughts

Keeping everyone on board.

We’re used to working with organizations that have a variety of stakeholders. When not navigated correctly, this can be challenging as it can open the door for many divergent opinions. For us, it’s critical to have checkpoints and transparency throughout the process. This helps to ensure decision-makers are kept in the loop and aligned on the vision throughout. We reviewed the brand and website with the BRAED’s Board of Directors at key points to instill confidence and avoid surprises. The final product is something that all stakeholders can be proud of.

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