Yacht Club
Yacht Club

A new wave of life.

We completely reorganized and revitalized the Yacht Club’s new website with a fresh, modern design.

The Kelowna Yacht Club is Canada’s largest freshwater marina.

With roots dating back decades, they have become a community fixture that extends well beyond boating and socializing. Featuring a robust amount of content, we helped to streamline the user experience for members and non-members, while injecting some friendly personality along the way.


Smooth sailing for users.

Just like with every website we build, it starts with mapping out a plan. The previous version of the Yacht Club’s website had a complex navigation and a ton of overlapping pages. Our first step was to rethink the website’s structure and get rid of redundancies. Making the entire user experience intuitive and easy to navigate, it’s kind of our thing. We created a sitemap that cuts the number of websites pages in half and a new mega menu that groups the Yacht Club’s offering into two simple categories: “In the Club” and “On the Lake”

The new site helps to convey the excitement of the club, its unique benefits and community events. All the classic necessities for a yacht club like moorage information and current weather conditions remain, but now there’s a greater focus on how people can become part of this growing lakeside community.

Kelowna Yacht Club Website Mockups on multiple devices


Members (and non-members) only.

The inclusive website brings the benefits of membership to the forefront to attract new members. The content structures throughout the site make it easy for users to quickly scan bite-size info that’s most relevant to them. For example, the member page features a simple tab system that allows users to easily toggle between the different membership types – a task that used to involve long paragraphs, multiple clicks and many pages. Meanwhile the website’s sailing page allows users to explore the club’s wide variety of youth and adult sailing programs.

The new written tone for the Kelowna Yacht Club is personable, straightforward and concise with a hint of fun. This isn’t your typical old, stuffy or intimidating yacht club. It is active and undeniably accessible. This incredible lake life is for everyone.


The Okanagan is more than a lake, it’s a lifestyle.

While the Kelowna Yacht Club has a rich history, they are ready to embrace the next wave of the future. The new design aesthetic is clean, vibrant, professional, and approachable, capturing the quintessential lake lifestyle.

The free-flowing design features custom wave graphics, stunning nautical imagery and plenty of breathing space. All while integrating subtle movements and video for a more dynamic experience. And because the club is a prime location for Okanagan weddings, we designed a beautiful landing page that helps brides-to-be to envision their dream day.

Kelowna Yacht Club Website Mockups on iPads

With our website being a key resource for both our members and the community, it was important that we engaged a local company who understood our organization’s vision, values and goals and were able to capture this. Throughout the process, the team at Twirling Umbrellas was professional, resourceful and delivered on their commitment to refreshing our brand.

Thom Killingsworth, Executive Director, Kelowna Yacht Club

Final Thoughts

Community comes first at KYC.

We love working with organizations that brighten our local community. The Kelowna Yacht Club has amazing community initiatives like a fishing derby for the visually impaired, a pirate-themed children’s charity event, and moorage for the city’s fire and rescue boats. As a non-profit organization that actively engages the people of Kelowna, they are an anchor in our community. And we’re proud to have built a website to showcase that.

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