Optimizing a sea of resources.

Site Architecture

Mapping out a direct journey.

Clear Seas brings clarity and perspective to discussions about sustainable marine shipping. So naturally, we needed to create an ultra-clear navigation and guide users on their journey. We developed a navigation system that is simple and intuitive to help users feel comfortable exploring a broad range of resource topics and types.

The “Insights” mega menu allows users to see the full spectrum of Clear Seas resources so they can quickly navigate to featured links and pre-filtered issues of interest. In the upper navigation, we also have an advanced search feature that prompts users with a friendly message of “What do you want to learn about?” along with a list of popular searches. 

UX/UI Design

Elevated editorial with inclusive design.

We started the design process with a digital brand refresh. Expanding on Clear Seas’ established brand, we created consistent UI styling to use across the website’s pages. We developed an updated typographic system, a sophisticated wave-like textural graphic, and a connective design element throughout the site. We also established a cohesive colour hierarchy, iconography, button styles, and more. The new digital aesthetic captures Clear Seas knowledgeable, balanced and trusted brand essence. 

We also saw the potential to incorporate the movement of typography and visuals across the site. These thoughtful and modern animations throughout the experience bring content to life and add an energized level of professional polish.


Listen to this.

Podcasts and audiobooks are popular for a reason. Because many people prefer to listen to long-form content rather than read it, we embedded listening tools into Clear Seas’ digital content. This audio option on articles gives users an accessible way to consume content away from their screens. They can multi-task while easily integrating content into their everyday tasks.


A central hub to explore.

The website’s Insights hub is by far the most complex and robust part of the site. It organizes a huge variety of resources in a user-directed way. The previous site had the same amount of content but it was difficult to find specific resources. We knew advanced search features and smart filtering would make a major difference in bringing clarity to the experience.

To keep users on a relevant path of resources, we developed a “Recommended for you” feature. The feature suggests posts based on related topics of the most recent post visited by the user. Strategically placed newsletter opt-in forms are placed throughout the site and its resources, encouraging users to stay up to date.