About Us

About Us
About Us
Team Twirling

Powered by results, and lots of coffee.

Twirling Umbrellas is an agile team of energized creative specialists. We deliver powerful websites and brands designed to grow along with your business. And we do it all in a friendly, drama-free environment. So, let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Our starting lineup
(cue hype music).

Chris Stephens
Founder & CEO
Ryan McGrewBBA
Creative Director
Nicole Redmond
Art Director
Lyndsay Therrien
Project Manager
Carla BardwellBSc
Marketing Director
Tyler Reynolds
Technical Director
Colin Brinson
Lead Developer
Maddie CunningBA
Linnaea Kershaw
What we do

Think it up.
Build it up.
Back it up.

Hard data and expertise back everything we do. You’ll never be wondering if your investment was worth it. We’ll show that our work achieves results by targeting key areas of growth and demonstrating real-world impact.

What we do well:


Good community vibes.

We’re very grateful to live and work here. Actively giving back to the causes that make this place amazing makes sense.

Origin Story

While our agency became Facebook official in 2015, the roots of our firm date back to 2008. No, that’s not when Jerry Seinfeld perfected the Umbrella Twirl (the inspiration for our agency’s name). That’s when our freelance founder met our first clients, who were seeking help with web design and digital marketing. Since then, our company has grown steadily. We work with local and international clients, from progressive start-ups to large public corporations.

We’ve always believed that you don’t need a website…you need a powerful online marketing solution. Born of this belief is a unique blend of creativity and process driven service, capable of delivering high-quality projects on time and on budget. Our experienced team of designers, developers, marketers and writers are dedicated to delivering websites that aren’t just good. In everything we do, we strive to be the best.