Why most ‘About’ pages suck (and how to make yours better)

5 Minutes

About pages are more important than you might think.

Having a killer About page on your website is pretty important for any brand. Picture it like a cool sibling of your homepage, able to add more to the conversation without clogging up your audience’s first impression when they land on your site. A great About page can help build trust with your audience, make your brand stand out, and even give you a boost in search engine rankings.

So, if you want to level up your business game, take the time to create an awesome About page that truly represents your brand. Trust us. It’s worth the effort and can seriously help your online presence and engagement with your intended audience.

Did you know 52% of visitors landing on your site want to view your About page right away?


Why many miss the mark.

Many About pages are fairly unremarkable and not very memorable. Much like a certain fable, some are too short, and some are too long and wordy. Some are trying to cram in too much information. Or maybe it’s just that the information isn’t very well laid out. Or, it’s outdated. The list goes on. Many companies set up their About page, slap up some headshots and bios, and then forget about it. We believe this is a huge missed opportunity because your About page can be where your company really shines.

Adding a little extra spice.

For a long time, About pages were pretty dry (and for some companies, they still might be) and pretty forgettable. A few paragraphs were written about the history of the company and then the page was just left to its own devices.

As the above statistic confirms, people want to learn more about your company, your brand’s origin story, your culture… really anything that allows them to connect with your brand on a personal level. This is the perfect space to create content that offers that little bit extra to your audience.

No mo’ FOMO!

Never fear, there’s always a chance to better your About page and strengthen your brand and conversions. Here are a few tried and tested tips and tricks that we’ve found create more engagement with your brand. 

Make sure your mission’s clear.

What do you stand for? This is important information for your customers. More and more, consumers want to purchase and work with brands that stand for the same values that they believe in. Make sure your mission is clear, concise, and something that you’ll actually back. 

Include your origin story, but leave some mystery.

Everyone likes to see or read the birth of a company or brand. Knowing where you came from gives your audience a look into who you are and adds a layer of authenticity and humanity to your brand. BUT, less is more. Keep it succinct with a couple paragraphs. Or find a visual way to show it via an infographic timeline or something more interactive.

Show off your people.

Who are the people behind your brand? This is another way to humanize your products and show off your employees and their talent! But make sure it’s more than just a headshot and a name. Here’s a great place where you can have a little more fun! 

Content that convinces.

This is the place for you to add some extra content that may not have fit onto the homepage. Think data visuals, links out to your blog content, videos that didn’t make the cut for your homepage, key partnerships, social or environmental impacts, or community involvement.

Bombproof blueprints.

Instead of just “Headline – paragraph – headline – paragraph”, why not try out something different. This is a great opportunity for visual storytelling, to share a little more design personality. 

Your needs versus your user’s needs.

There’s a difference between what you’re hoping will go onto your About page vs what your users are actually looking for when it comes to information about your brand. Don’t overload them with info but make sure you give them something to chew on.

No cul-de-sacs here.

Don’t let your About page be a deadend spot where your visitors end up with nowhere to go. While telling your story, bring attention to other pages on the site and link out to them. Call to actions are your friend here.

Best About page glow-ups.

Our clients have trusted us to create informative and engaging About pages for them. Here are a few examples of our favourites.

Wild & Immersive


Before we came on the scene, the Wild & Immersive page was pretty standard. It had info but not enough, and the imagery and design left something to be desired. Now, the page features plenty of passion and personality thanks to design hits and interactive movement. Their mission is clearly stated in a fun and engaging way, and there are plenty of avenues to go down – from the team to the forest and more.



For the Goodr About page, there was a lot of information to share. Keeping things succinct was a challenge that we happily took on. This page also showcases their founder in an approachable and human way, putting a face to this company. And, as you scroll, there’s subtle animations and great CTAs to get you engaged in an active way so you know what the next steps are.



Just because you’re an enterprise business doesn’t mean that you can’t also have an engaging About page. For Groundswell, we kept the design simple and clean, adding in movement only when necessary. Copy about their vision, their approach and their people was also kept to a minimum while still being impactful.