How to successfully sell online with WordPress and WooCommerce

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Ecommerce is no longer just online retail. It’s a holistic approach to transitioning your business to a digital-first presence, including a thorough look at all of the tools you use for business and whether they can be adapted to an online format. Selling online and shipping out goods is the most obvious, but there are a lot of other forms of ecommerce.

Some of the advantages of ecommerce you may already be experiencing:

  • Being able to manage an online catalogue of products
  • Having your business open 24/7
  • Opening up your customer base to national or international audiences
  • Enabling shopping during unprecedented times like COVID-19 

With the help of the powerhouse duo of WordPress and WooCommerce, we can help your online shop to grow and flourish.

WordPress as an enterprise platform.

From its humble beginnings to now being used by some of the world’s biggest enterprises, WordPress is an open source platform. It’s easy to use, whether you’re the business owner customizing things in the back-end or a user exploring a site on the front. With access to a large variety of plugins, we can help you customize your site to have everything you need to interact with your customers. 

Want to know more about WordPress as a platform? We’ve got a whole article about that over here.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free open-source plugin for WordPress. We can add the plugin to any WordPress website to set up your online store right away. Customize your shop to receive secure payments, be able to offer shipping options and more, all for free. 

Benefits of WooCommerce

Limitless customization 

Since WooCommerce is an open-source platform, the code is available. This means customization is full of possibilities – you can have an array of exciting features added, and as many products and product types as you like.  What you’ll end up with is a store with an incredible brand personality to make sure your customers enjoy their shopping experience. 

All Yours

You’re in the driver’s seat where you get to make all the decisions when it comes to your store and your data. They always belong to you and you can choose where you want them hosted. Other platforms may have less control over where you data gets stored and how it’s used. As well, with other platforms, you’re tied into their space instead of deciding where you want to store to be hosted.

Powerful SEO

WordPress’ blogging infrastructure means there’s access to your site’s metadata. Meaning it can be monitored, reviewed, and updated to ensure that you’re receiving the SEO power you deserve.

Unlimited Opportunities

The software you already know and trust integrates easily with WooCommerce so you can jump right in. Choose from familiar software or try something new – the possibilities are endless.

Scale up without paying up

As your business scales up, WooCommerce easily helps you transition into the right tools at the right time without breaking the bank. There’s no having to upgrade to more expensive plans or pay for items your business doesn’t need or use.

Payment options

Choose the payment gateways, such as Square or PayPal, that work best for you and your customers. No extra charge for using third-party providers means you get to keep more money in your pocket and your customers aren’t getting extra charges or fees either. 

Considerations of WooCommerce

Customer support

Unlike Shopify, WooCommerce doesn’t provide phone support. In many cases, they don’t provide support at all. It’s a much more hands-off approach than Shopify.

This isn’t quite as bad as it sounds though as WordPress and WooCommerce are by far the most popular platforms in the world. This means there is a huge community of designers and developers able to help if you need it.

The cost of selling on WooCommerce 

While WooCommerce is a free plugin, there will still be some costs associated with this option for selling online. You’ll need hosting and good hosting starts at around $30 a month.

What are you waiting for?

While there’s still interest in spending a Saturday afternoon at the mall, there’s no doubt that the ease of access to online stores is highly convenient and preferred by many. The digital landscape is here to stay, which means online stores are still a great way to share and showcase your business and products. 

As WordPress and WooCommerce specialists, we can ensure a smooth transition to selling online where your business can stand out in a saturated digital crowd.