How to tell if your website is out of date

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From Stranger Things to Keaton’s Batman, nostalgia’s definitely back in a big way. But there’s a fine line when it comes to your website being “Awww, I remember Geocities. Nice callback.” and “Ugh, I remember that aesthetic. This website is so dated.” If yours is leaning more towards the latter, there’s a good chance your audience will bounce.

38.5% of web designers believe the top reason visitors leave a site is outdated design.

Goodfirms 2021

Feel old yet?

According to Business 2 Community, the suggested average lifespan for a website is only 1.5 to 2.5 years before it needs a revamp. Yikes! Now, we would be happy to help you redesign your site on the regular like that but for many companies, that’s just not possible, both financially and time-wise. There are a few ways that you can futureproof your site’s design and plenty of things to avoid.

“But how? Why?!” you ask.

Let’s break down some of the ways your site might be out of date. Heck, some of them are quick fixes that can go a long way to help pull your site from the early aughts and closer to this decade.

1. You’re still using a carousel in your homepage hero section

I haven’t even looked at your site and I can already tell you you have too many sliders. One. You get one.

2. You’re stuck in 2D

Not unlike that cheesy 90s song that is now only known to be sung by an animated ring-tailed lemur, your website’s design needs to have a little bit of that “Move it, move it!” magic. Not so much that your users are getting distracted from their goals but enough to feel interactive. 

3. Stuck on the desktop

Look, it’s not just the kids who are glued to their phones anymore. Billions of people are on their phones, tablets, and phablets. If they manage to find your company, click through to your site and find that it can’t optimize for their device, well, they’re going to bounce and find one that will.

4. Your content doesn’t reflect where your business is at today

Just like using an outdated photo of yourself on dating apps, this one’s a straight up no-go. Make sure you’re updating content frequently, not only to get better SEO ranking but also to keep your audience coming back to check out the new stuff.

5. If it’s not helping, it’s hurting

If your website isn’t an extra hand supporting and streamlining what your marketing and sales teams are trying to do, then it might actually be doing more harm than good. Having outdated info or a convoluted way to purchase, return or warranty something isn’t doing anyone any favours.

6. Plug-ins that aren’t integrating properly

If you have a website with plug-ins that aren’t working properly, it’s probably likely that you haven’t updated them in a while. An excessive amount of plug-ins can also bloat your user’s experience on the site and are often unnecessary to your site’s health and speed.

7. This is why we can’t have nice things

If you can’t quickly and easily edit or update something in the backend, not only is that frustrating but what a waste of time and resources.

8. He’s got the yips

In a world where we want and need to have everything this fast, a website that’s slow to load or react to your users is just not going to cut it anymore.

9. Don’t make things so complicated

Don’t let people get frustrated. If your website’s structure is a copycat of your organization’s structure instead of being a reflection of how your users are looking for content, you’re going to have some issues. It’s probably not the way that people explore sites so it’s going to cause some frustrations on their end.

10. A neighbourhood full of cul-de-sacs

Ever click around on a website and it’s just a bunch of dead-ends and you have to constantly be clicking back? Or you accidentally close the window and now that site’s just gone? Yeah, that’s so 10 years ago. Make sure you’re adding in links to create a storytelling journey for your users to take part in. It’s okay for some pages to be the end of the line, but not everything. This isn’t Geocities.

11. Accessibility who?

An easy way to spot an outdated site is to look for the accessibility markers. Does your site work for everyone? Or as close to that as you can? Can it work with screen readers? Is there alt text on all your images?

Futureproofed by design

If you’re working with a web design agency that’s on the same page as you, they’ll probably ensure your site is fairly futureproof. Plus, being able to access and update the site yourself, you should be able to make those minute adjustments and changes as time goes on.