The platform for whenever workouts.


Virtual fitness classes on the go.

Barre Room is a fitness studio that combines elements of yoga, pilates, strength training and more into a variety of classes. To build out the online side of their business and empower people to work out from home, we developed a custom subscription-based solution.

The new and improved BR on Demand uses MemberPress to facilitate sign-ups and enable streaming of high quality workouts wherever they are.





Planning & Strategy

Swift fixes and sustainable growth.

The existing BR on Demand platform had multiple issues with speed, security, and user experience. This was causing support headaches, compromising the program’s value, and taking time away from important marketing potential. Our first priority was to address these issues by updating the site’s functionality. We streamlined the user experience to make it much easier for clients to subscribe, and just as easy for our client to manage things behind the scenes.

These updates were necessary to set the platform up for success in driving organic search traffic and creating a worthwhile online ad campaign.

UI Design

Purposeful design and tone.

The new BR on Demand site combines a clean, open design with a soft, minimalist colour palette. The welcoming yet motivational tone highlights the classes and teachers, providing a multitude of reasons for users to sign up for a free trial.

Workout class videos are brought into focus so that users know exactly what they’re getting into when they sign up. The easy step-by-step sign-up process is presented in a non-intimidating way to remove barriers and help barre fans get started.

Tech Recommendations

A much-improved membership system.

BR on Demand’s existing tech stack was logical, but the tools being used left a lot to be desired. Together they provided a complicated and unreliable platform for delivering private access to workout videos. We knew this could be improved with a proper membership system.

We used MemberPress to take care of everything from the membership signup, renewal, billing, user account creation, and access to exclusive content. MemberPress also integrates with third-party marketing tools such as MailChimp, Vimeo, ConvertKit, and more.

After configuring MemberPress, we migrated all existing users to a legacy membership type that encourages renewals upon expiration. The result is a seamless experience for existing users.


An immediate boost with ads.

Once the platform was updated, we began promoting it with online advertising. Given BR on Demand’s audience, it made the most sense to focus on Facebook and Instagram within Canada. These platforms offer the best exposure and targeting for stay-at-home fitness and allow us to create compelling visual-forward ads. And, in addition to the initial ads, we created a remarketing display campaign that reminds those who’ve visited BR on Demand’s registration form why their workout programs are amazing.


Building healthy, organic traffic.

Unlike online advertising, it takes time to generate a meaningful volume of leads through organic search traffic. We recommended a search engine optimization strategy to generate a meaningful volume of leads utilizing a variety of SEO tools and tactics. This approach is especially valuable when launching a new website for a niche form of fitness that curious enthusiasts may be learning about for the first time.


Getting their site into shape.

Before spending time, effort, and dollars on a marketing campaign, it’s crucial to ensure a website is performing at its best. Why send traffic to a site with a less-than-stellar user experience? For BR on Demand, we leveraged MemberPress to get their suite of online workouts in order. From there, it becomes much more straightforward to convert, and that’s really what it’s all about.