A digital foundation built for planners.

Digital Strategy

Creating a clear blueprint.

Armed with a new brand and an ambitious new strategic plan, CIP wanted to improve its website’s usability to create a more engaging and inclusive experience. We began by diving into their website’s analytics and reviewing other planning websites in Canada and abroad.

We found that the majority of planning sites fail to prioritize and organize member-centric content in the navigation. With a barrage of menu options and no clear hierarchy, planning association sites often made it difficult for users to make their way through the experience. We rethought CIP’s site architecture to guide a diverse group of planners at various stages of their careers and planning journeys.

UX/UI Design

Equally inclusive and progressive.

CIP’s new website reflects an aesthetic reminiscent of an architect – clean, polished and professional. When users land on the site, we want them to feel momentum and action. We also saw the potential to incorporate urban design components throughout the experience, such as the geometric pattern that represents the building blocks of community and knowledge.

Accessibility was a key focus in the design process. We distilled CIP’s core values into clear, digestible layouts, incorporating modern and accessible user interface elements throughout. This included carefully planned tab indexes for seamless navigation via screen reader technology. We also prioritized proper contrast and used colour thoughtfully to distinguish the strategic pillars of their organization across the site.


Advancements across the entire experience.

A key focus for CIP was improving site performance across key metrics such as page speed and mobile friendliness. We also recommended a suite of integrations to improve usability and content management. 

This included WPML to create a French translation of the website’s content, as well as custom post types for their learning resources, and incorporating SearchWP to improve search functionality, enabling users to perform advanced searches on CIP’s resources, blogs, and news content.