Propelling science forward.

Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute

The statistical data to support change.

The Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) is a national organization dedicated to the development of all areas of statistical science from its home base at Simon Fraser University’s Big Data Hub. CANSSI works with universities across Canada to further the practice and use of statistical sciences by governments, charities, businesses and communities around the world. 

We worked with the CANSSI team to reinvigorate their brand, elevate their digital presence and better communicate what they do.





Digital Strategy

Modernized to make the leap.

CANSSI is focused on empowering students and researchers of all backgrounds through a commitment to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion in its research and training programs. While it had a strong reputation within its network, its website didn’t reflect its organization’s forward-thinking, open-minded, and collaborative nature.

We developed a custom online experience that conveys the stature of their organization, partners and stakeholders. The modern educational site highlights CANSSI’s programs and the impact of their growing list of projects. With user-friendly navigation, streamlined content, and English/French translation, this creates an engaging experience for the statistical science community and partners to foster “discovery through collaboration.”

Exploration meets inspiration.

CANSSI’s brand wasn’t web-ready, as shown by the outdated aesthetic of its previous website. It needed a digital refresh to capture its desired brand personality traits of friendliness, intelligence, innovation, and curiosity.

Our digital refresh included an updated symbol mark with a vibrant colour palette and progressive typography. From there, we created a full digital style guide to inform the prototype design. Consistent UI elements such as button styles, navigational elements, block quotes, and data visualization elevate CANSSI’s brand online.

Content Optimization

Smart insights through clear data.

The website’s content is written for highly intelligent and curious academics, researchers, partners, and stakeholders. We needed to ensure it didn’t come across as fluffy or non-factual while also being stuffy or boring.

Through the copywriting and editing we took on, we sought to provide an approachable tone with a foundation rooted in absolute truth. We organized the content in a digestible format that allows visitors to self-select the correct path in an efficient way and encourages open-minded exploration.

Custom WordPress Development

Serving Canadians, en français.

CANSSI supports collaborations between researchers, partners and communities across the country to pursue data-driven science, policy, and decision-making.

To ensure the new website supported CANSSI’s French-speaking members, we added multi-language support and fully translated the website. With automatic translation features powered by Google, DeepL, and Microsoft, CANSSI can focus on writing with only minimal review and editing necessary.

★★★★★ — They gave us a professional site that is much easier to maintain and has a modern look.

Don Estep, Scientific Director, CANSSI.

Complex data, displayed simply.

Anyone who took a Statistics course in high school or college can tell you that conveying statistical data can get complicated really quickly. With a new streamlined and non-intimidating web presence, CANSSI is set up to make its important work more accessible to a wider audience.