Deliciously user-friendly progressive web app.

Innovative meal planning made fresh.

Fraiche Living is a popular food and lifestyle blog started by certified nutritionist Tori Wesszer. Fraiche is known for creating nutritious, delicious, family-friendly recipes.

We worked with Fraiche to design a powerful and progressive subscription-based web application that takes the stress out of meal planning. The platform is loaded with custom features that provide grocery lists, meal-plan recipes, resources and more for fans and followers.





User Experience

Mobile-forward beauty and simplicity.

Our overarching goal was to help Fraiche generate recurring sales through monthly memberships. To achieve this, we focused on creating a benefits-focused landing page and an intuitive, enjoyable user experience for members. The platform design follows the clean, light, and bright aesthetic of the Fraiche Living brand.

Since most of this audience would be accessing the platform, cooking and grocery shopping with their phones, it needed to have a mobile-forward, app-like feel.

We developed a mobile-first, web-based app that allows people to subscribe monthly to gain access to meal plans, recipes, and resources. Ultimately, we simplified and streamlined meal planning and grocery shopping. The new platform also makes it more efficient for the Fraiche team to add and update recipes and plans.

The perfect platform for subscribers.

MemberPress was the ideal solution for building the Fraiche Table app. It uses progressive web app (PWA) technology powered by WordPress with full-touch interactions. The custom MemberPress implementation provides a seamless subscription-based payment system for members.

Throughout the planning and development of the app, we knew it would be crucial to have a level of personalization without creating an overabundance of choices.

Customizable content allows users to choose and tailor their meal plans by family size, dietary restrictions, and whether they want all meals or just dinners. Users can easily update their preferences at any time. With customizable options, easily searchable exclusive recipes, and a bank of helpful resources and tips, Fraiche Table helps families eat better together.

Custom Features

Adapting to user needs.

New feature alert! It’s always exciting to get user feedback and have the opportunity to build new features that will make their experience even better. The app now includes a customizable week functionality and recipes tailored to your family size.

This allows users to build completely custom weekly meal plans and receive grocery lists that are dynamically generated by their meal choices.

What app ideas are you cooking up?

Building the Fraiche Table app required a ton of planning, testing, and refining to get it launch-ready. Of course, choosing the right technology to meet their needs from the onset made the entire process go much more smoothly. We encourage you to sign up for a free trial so experience the app and enjoy Tori’s delicious recipes for yourself. And if you’d like to learn more about our app capabilities, reach out.