Feeding a brighter future.

Goodr has a world-changing business model that tackles huge issues like food insecurity and waste management. We developed a new site to showcase the impact of their solutions, and help position them as a nation-wide social enterprise powerhouse.

Get to know Goodr

Based in Atlanta, Goodr uses the power of technology and logistics to reduce waste, fight hunger and feed communities. They partner with major organizations across the US that you’ve definitely heard of like Google, Netflix, the NBA, Wellstar, and SixFlags. And they’ve been featured in a number of well-known media outlets like Forbes, NPR, Fast Company and CNBC.

Digital Inspiration

Motivated to elevate the experience.

R/GA’s Coalition Venture Studio provided the initial design for the new site. With this solid foundation in place, we highlighted opportunities and ideas to bring the design and content to life. We focused on recommendations that would lead to a modern, dynamic and intuitive user experience.

Since Goodr seeks to partner with some of America’s largest organizations, we knew the site needed to be on another level.

Site Architecture

Educate, inspire, empower.

Before we could get too far down the creative path, we mapped out a game plan for the site’s architecture and navigation experience. As part of our planning, we focused on three big picture objectives.

1. Educate
Provide users with well-organized, easily digestible knowledge about the benefits of the Goodr model.

2. Inspire
Create dynamic interactions and animations that compel Goodr’s audience to engage with the content.

3. Empower
Focus on clear calls-to-action that direct various users to reach out to partner with Goodr.

We rethought the sitemap to prioritize core services for their Food Waste Solutions and Hunger Relief Solutions. This led to a beautifully organized menu, complete with meaningful visuals and powerful descriptions for each page.

UI Design & Development

Designed to drive action

To convey that Goodr is an active, future-minded organization, we developed their site with purposeful, dynamic movement. Whether it’s scroll animations, interactive elements, or seamless video integration, it all adds up to a more engaging experience.

Goodr provides advanced technology that allows companies to track pick-ups and impact. We showcase their impressive technology in a meaningful way to create intrigue and show that Goodr is more than just a feel good story – they have next-level tech to back up their solutions.

With thoughtfully placed calls to action and elements of user feedback, the experience directs traffic and encourages users to connect with Goodr. We developed a series of non-intimidating forms to allows various users to choose their path and direct their inquiry to the right person on the Goodr team.


Communicating what makes Goodr great

With plenty of press coverage, Goodr was becoming known for their Surplus Food Recovery service. This amazing solution allows organizations to donate surplus food that would otherwise end up in landfills to those in need, while gaining tax deductions, and reducing their carbon footprint.

But Goodr has more than one solution to fight hunger and reduce waste. They also provide recycling, full-scale waste management, and various partnership opportunities to feed communities. We worked closely with the Goodr team to develop content that clearly communicates the unique benefits of their seven different services. We also created the platform for Goodr to show real impact through their success stories.

The content had to appeal to various audience types including large corporations, airports, convention centres, universities, sports teams, non-profits, and potential Goodr employees. We developed simple but powerful messaging that cuts through.

"We love the final product and have already seen a 12% decrease in bounce rate, 26% increase in pages per session, and 55% increase in average session duration! The new website changed the face of our brand, increased clarity in our partnerships process, and turned up the confidence of our whole growth team. Thank you for all your help and effort!"

Blake Engelhard, Head of Growth, Goodr

Final Thoughts

Collaboration across borders

The shift to an even more digital world has made these time zone crossing projects more routine. This project required incredible collaboration between three teams: Goodr in Atlanta, R/GA’s Coalition Venture Studio in New York, and the Twirling Umbrellas team here in Kelowna. With shared digital tools and plenty of virtual meetings, we were able to come together to make the vision a reality.

We’re so proud to have the opportunity to work with Goodr and play a part in highlighting the amazing work they’re doing. If you’re interested in supporting Goodr’s fight to end hunger, you can donate to the Goodr Foundation here.

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