Enhanced UI for surging Salesforce experts.

Groundswell needed an elevated digital platform to communicate the depth of their experience to prospective clients. They also needed to showcase their unique culture and highlight career opportunities to attract top talent. We developed a powerful, custom website that positions them as a trailblazing leader in the Salesforce space. The new site features engaging user interfaces, compelling content for their technical and industry expertise, robust case studies, and an exciting new careers area.

Get to know Groundswell.

Groundswell is a Salesforce consulting company based in Vancouver, BC. They help enterprises across North America implement custom digital solutions that transform their customer service, sales, marketing and data management. Their implementations have reached 150 countries across the world.

UX Planning

The digital vision to make waves.

We kicked off the project by taking a deep dive into the consulting environment. We reviewed Groundswell’s strategic docs and audited their current website. Once we got to know Groundswell and their industry better, we defined key objectives and explored the competitive landscape. We compared the user experiences of Groundswell’s various competitors to identify common trends and market gaps

Reviewing Groundswell’s on-page analytics and HotJar recordings, we determined how users were experiencing the current site and where they’re dropping off. We also compiled SEO insights for organic traffic and search. With this research in hand, we outlined the opportunities and inspiration that informed the site’s architecture, design, and content.

Experience Design

Undeniably enterprise-level.

From micro interactions to major design elements, the experience of the redesigned site needed to reflect the quality of an elite enterprise-level business. With a clean, innovative and vibrant aesthetic, we aimed to strengthen Groundswell’s reputation, intuitively guide various audiences, and increase quality conversions.

We focused on simplifying the site’s architecture and user flows with an improved navigation, filters and search, and wayfinding elements to direct users to the most relevant content faster.

“Overall, the new site had to be easy to navigate with well-organized, visually-driven content and dynamic movement. This creates an on-brand experience that amplifies Groundswell’s position as an advanced, agile and trustworthy partner.”

Designed with variety and authority.

It’s not enough to simply say “innovative”. We had to demonstrate this through contemporary layouts and bold design choices. The progressive design showcases an innovator on the rise. Visual-forward content breaks free from basic formulas, while integrating various media types. Waves and ocean imagery throughout the website capture the feeling of momentum that a groundswell carries.

Content Strategy

Brevity and depth in harmony.

We worked closely with Groundswell’s marketing team to establish a tone of voice that is concise, confident, approachable and knowledgeable (but not overly technical). To build customer trust, we found the ideal balance between quick wins that communicate their team’s proficiency, and longer-form content that demonstrates leading expertise in greater detail.

Stats, results, certifications and testimonials – they all work together to instill confidence quickly. Meanwhile, case studies and expertise pages provide easily scannable yet highly detailed content that proves Groundswell’s knowledge.

We break long-form content into digestible structures. Take a look through the Expertise, Industry, and in-depth Success Story pages and you’ll see what we mean.


Conveying the culture.

Groundswell is growing fast. They needed a space on their new site to communicate their super supportive and collaborative culture. To help them recruit top talent, we created an online Culture Playbook. This robust page provides a glimpse behind the scenes of life at Groundswell by highlighting their people, goals, values, and community impact in a fun and engaging way.


Extras that take it over the edge.

Beyond making a site look awesome, it has to perform on a high level too. As part of the development process, we focused on key performance metrics to reinforce the high-end experience. We ensured that the site has no drop-off in the quality of experience from desktop to mobile. We also made sure the site loads fast and gets users to where they need to go quickly.

Dynamic interactions, all day.

When website elements react in modern, professional and delightful ways on scroll and hover, it’s a beautiful thing. The unique variation in design and content are supported by smooth, branded animations. These animations present content in a compelling way, making the site feel alive and emphasize always-important CTAs.

With their HQ in Vancouver, the Groundswell team is made up of individuals from all over the world. To showcase the diversity of their international team, we developed an interactive map that features places across the globe where Groundswellers have come from.

Custom portal for Salesforce reps.

Groundswell works closely with Salesforce reps on new business opportunities. They needed a secure place to house content that only people from Salesforce could access. We developed a landing page and password-protected portal featuring organized resources and exclusive assets. This feature helps to separate Groundswell from the thousands of other consulting partners that Salesforce reps have to choose from.

Final Thoughts

User goals lead the way.

Groundswell’s ultimate goal is to serve as a role model in their industry that top companies and top talent seek to partner with. To dig into this goal, we conducted user interviews with Groundswell’s various user groups, uncovering their pain points and priorities for the site. By focusing on the needs of users, it provides us with a north star to keep coming back to again and again for important UX decisions.

Learn more about our process in this article.

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