Faster, friendlier, better.

After diving into Kanto’s existing site and its competitors, we identified that the industry wasn’t doing great in key performance metrics like speed and mobile-friendliness. We knew optimizing overall performance would have an impact that gives Kanto an immediate edge.

Arguably the biggest issue with the previous Kanto website was its mobile user experience. The majority of Kanto’s visitors were accessing the site using mobile devices, yet there were significant issues with the overall display, clickable links, image sizes, and page speed.

It’s easy to measure things like page visits, link clicks, form submissions, and whitepaper downloads. However, this doesn’t provide a clear picture of success. We helped set Kanto up with proper analytics to measure a meaningful funnel path to purchase.


Beyond the brochure.

Many e-commerce websites function simply as online catalogues with very few interactive elements or movements to bring them to life. There is often not much interaction on hover, click, or scroll – interactive elements that provide users with feedback and lead to a more modern and enjoyable experience.

By creating a premium-feeling user experience with purposeful interaction throughout, we promote exploration and quick discoveries. Ultimately, this makes Kanto (and its products) appear more reliable and trustworthy.


Balancing form and functionality.

Encouraging users to explore requires an approach that delivers layout variation, prominent feature sections, and distinctly branded UI.

Within this industry, we were seeing old-school UI patterns, template-y layouts and inconsistent practices, all leading to a stale experience. We were inspired by leading tech brands outside of the mounts industry to create dynamic, brand-forward designs that are contemporary and sleek.

Especially on mobile, it was time to step up the organization of content and advance the UI elements to create a smoother, more engaging experience. The site’s distinctive design reflects a modern brand with high quality and professionalism but an approachable human nature. It’s stylish while keeping the user’s needs top-of mind.

Content Creation

Clarity plus personality.

Content in this space tends to be utilitarian, with a tone of voice that is interchangeable. There is generally a focus on features and specs as opposed to engaging users with benefit-driven content. For Kanto, we created a confident tone, portraying the brand as knowledgeable and helpful. Most importantly, the content connects with consumers and businesses in a human way.

We moved Kanto past the standard “headline, paragraph, bullets” formula to create a content structure that is more bite-size and bold. The new energized content is benefit-driven, with plenty of well-placed CTAs to prompt action.

Understanding that users have different use cases that determine what products they’re interested in, we created content for lifestyle pages such as Home Entertainment, Work from Home, and Outdoors. These content-rich pages guide users through popular products and their benefits based on their needs.