Online upskilling that grows agencies.

Advanced training for tomorrow’s thought leaders.

Recognized as one of the top training firms in the USA, Mirren helps agencies become stronger strategic partners with clients. MirrenDirect is their subscription-based platform that unlocks on-demand courses, live training webinars, articles and more.

Leveraging MemberPress, we developed a Learning Management System (LMS) to create an app-like experience. The platform guides users through orientation and course content while allowing them to find and share relevant resources. We also developed a WordPress marketing site that drives users to start their free trial.






Elevating the game plan.

We kicked the project off by gaining an understanding of Mirren’s goals and challenges. We reviewed their newly established branding and initial wireframes and provided strategic recommendations to improve the user experience.

Our recommendations covered a modern tech stack, functionality, interface design, and content structure.

We focused on these two areas:

  • Make the consumer-facing marketing part of the site compelling to drive trial registrations.
  • Make the web-based training app easy and inspiring to engage with agencies.

The new digital platform builds trust in Mirren’s expertise and training services. The experience is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and secure to deliver undeniable value to MirrenDirect subscribers.

Marketing Platform

Driving leads by design.

Key to the success of the platform is getting users to experience it firsthand. The public-facing marketing site highlights all the pertinent details to intrigue users to sign up for a free trial. It conveys the who, how, and why in a meaningful way before driving to an intuitive pricing table with the different subscription tiers. The landing page also features prominent trust signals like client logos and testimonials.

We brought the design to life with clean interactions and dynamic movement, creating an inspiring experience that matches the quality and authority of the resources.

Tech Recommendations

The LMS for success.

We recommended MemberPress to enable the membership and LMS capabilities Mirren Direct required for their training. MemberPress is the number one membership plugin for WordPress for a reason. It’s an enterprise-grade, commercially-supported extension. And it doesn’t require a third-party LMS subscription or a separate e-commerce platform.

We handled the setup and configuration for MemberPress, courses, corporate accounts and more. MemberPress provided the ideal choice for MirrenDirect to ensure ease of use for their clients and internal teams. The platform also features a customized Stripe integration to allow for easy payment processing.

Interfaces that lead the way.

We needed to ensure users felt confident while exploring and interacting with the MirrenDirect training modules. The platform’s interface design has a premium app-like feel that is highly intuitive.

The platform demonstrates Mirren’s thought leadership and mastery by making content easy to search, filter, and consume. Ultimately, we want to get out of the user’s way and get them into the amazing training resources. To help with this, we wrote thoughtful microcopy that guides users through their experience. We use colour to differentiate resources for account teams and pitch teams, making resources highly relevant to specific audiences.

We also established the foundation for the look and feel of MirrenDirect’s asset library. The abstract geometric patterns and elevated selection of stock photography (that doesn’t feel stock) set Mirren up with a framework for the future.

Key Features

Next-level customization across the board.

While we leveraged the core features of MemberPress, the platform features several instances of not-so-standard functionality with plenty of customization throughout. Here are just some of the core features:

  • Orientation: The experience begins with an orientation interface that provides an overview of how to use the platform. It delivers a step-by-step process for new users to create their profiles to be directed to the most relevant content.
  • User Dashboard: We created a custom user dashboard that provides users with at-a-glance access to their training and resources, allowing them to pick up where they left off.
  • On-Demand Training: The on-demand training part of the platform allows users to complete courses at their own pace. It gives teams access to over 200 training videos (integrated with Wistia), helpful guides and downloads. It intuitively organizes course information and shows users their progress while linking to additional relevant resources.
  • Live Training Webinars: Connected through Zoom, this feature allows subscribers to sign up for live training sessions in a webinar-style format, and invite members of their team.
  • Resource Library: Complete with advanced search functionality and intuitive filtering, this comprehensive resource library provides users with access to Mirren’s entire library of insights, tools, training modules, events and more. Users can also save content to their own library to revisit later.

WordPress would be impressed by what you’ve done with WordPress.

Brent Hodgins, Managing Director, Mirren Training Inc.

Remote training needs the right tech stack.

As our workforce becomes increasingly remote, it’s more important than ever to bring human qualities to our digital experiences. We can’t be limited by the technology we choose when delivering a personalized experience.

In this case, MemberPress was an ideal tech solution for MirrenDirect’s online training platform. It provides users with an app-like experience that doesn’t just feel like another piece of software. It’s inspiring, useful and insightful – exactly what you’d expect if the training were in person.