Building a national digital showroom.

Nufloors reached out to develop a new website that captures the essence of their “beautiful experience”. The new site needed to showcase expertise, exceptional service, credibility, and product inspiration. More importantly, it had to highlight what sets Nufloors apart from other flooring stores. Within the first few months of launching, the new site has already shown huge increases in organic traffic, pages viewed, and average time spent on the site.

Meet Canada's flooring store.

Nufloors has 24 flooring stores (and counting) across Canada. Each location is independently owned and operated by a member of the local community. Nufloors is renowned for offering the latest designs in name brand flooring.


Geolocation, location, location.

Because each Nufloors location is independently owned, every store has its own products, services and specializations. The previous version of the website had thousands of pages of duplicate content, resulting in a clunky user experience. Put simply, it just wasn’t intuitive for users, and those who were managing the site.

Our solution was to create a central “mothership” for Nufloors that seamlessly directs users to their preferred local store. The site uses geolocation based on the user’s IP address to deliver only information that is specific to their preferred store. This is a similar approach taken by most major retailer websites such as Canadian Tire and Best Buy. And there’s a reason for that, it works! It’s all about minimizing clicks, while personalizing the user experience.

This approach also makes a world of difference for the Nufloors staff who are making regular updates to the site. More on that in the development section.

User Experience

Exploration meets inspiration.

Purchasing flooring is a big decision with thousands of dollars on the line, so trust is a big factor when choosing a flooring company. Visitors to the Nufloors site need to feel comfortable, be able to easily find what they’re looking for, and get all of their questions answered in a hurry.

The thoughtful mega-menu acts as central wayfinding and encourages exploration. Complete with well-organized products and services (specific to each store), this menu provides a simple yet robust overview of everything users could be searching for.

The filterable inspiration gallery makes it easy for users to browse through beautiful imagery based on the room and/or flooring type they’re most interested in.

Meanwhile, the location-specific About pages showcase the people behind each store and their connection to the local community.

Nufloors Homepage and Filters shown on three iPhones.


Flooring that’s fashionable.

Nufloors believes that flooring should have a fashion-forward mindset. After all, flooring and home decor are a reflection of personal style. With that in mind, the aesthetic of the website is modern, elegant, inspiring and trustworthy with plenty of breathing space. The design brings in elements of a quality experience and broad appeal.

The bright and airy homepage sets the tone with refined typography, clean organization and subtle movement. We let the natural beauty of the flooring take the stage. Interior pages follow through with a sense of openness and intentional lack of clutter.


That familiar, friendly professionalism.

The voice for Nufloors content takes on a professional, approachable, and relatable tone. We wanted the language to evoke inspiration without being verbose. Succinct copy and clear calls-to-action help to support the fluid user experience and contemporary design.

There are plenty of finer points when it comes to purchasing flooring, and this can lead to long paragraphs and drawn-out explanations. We made sure to be respectful of the user’s time by providing bite-size flooring information at a glance with the opportunity to dig deeper if they so choose.


Made with the store managers in mind.

The site has 24 different stores who all need to make regular updates, so having intuitive back-end organization is vital. During our build, we carefully considered how Nufloors staff would be using the site and what information they would (and wouldn’t) need to update.

This is a gamechanger for staff who are managing the website. Instead of sorting through a multitude of pages to make simple updates and announcements, they now have clear sections in the backend that can be easily managed. Once a change like a product update is made, it is set up to automatically be actioned across multiple areas of the sites. This saves the stores tons of time by not having to make the same update in multiple places.

By limiting what each store can access in the backend, it creates a high level of consistency for the Nufloors brand, keeping main content (relevant to all stores) in tact.

Nufloors Locations Popup


Yep, it’s working.

Based on year-over-year performance, the new site for Nufloors is seeing the following undeniably awesome results.

Increase in organic traffic
Increase in number of pages/session
Increase average time of each visit

Twirling Umbrellas came through with great advice and ideas that made our websites professional yet customized for each location. TU were focused on creating a great user experience and we could not be happier with the result. The Twirling team is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. We would absolutely recommend Twirling Umbrellas as a digital agency.

Debbie Smith, Director of Administration Canada Nufloors Group Inc.

Final Thoughts

Laying down the foundation.

When it comes to content-heavy sites that have specific needs per store, planning is key. We work closely with our clients to develop gameplans and frameworks ahead of design and development. This ensures we’ve mapped out the best possible experience for users and the ideal solution for those on the client side who are managing the website. We help put companies like Nufloors in position to manage multiple stores online, promote customer interaction, and continue to grow their business for years to come.

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