Revive Skincare
Revive Skincare

Rejuvenating the skincare experience.

From clinical to aspirational.

Revive Skincare is a thriving medical skincare practice offering clients a variety of treatments to reach their ideal aesthetic outcomes. Revive’s holistic approach and partnership with the Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic gives them a unique advantage. Revive’s former brand and website didn’t convey the clinic’s modern, thoughtful approach to skincare. We developed a refreshed brand and digital presence that is beautiful, feminine, and full of knowledge.


One of the Okanagan’s premier clinics




Information Architecture
UX & UI Design
Web Hosting

Tech Stack



Rethinking Revive's digital brand.

The Revive brand was entirely reinvented for this website redesign. At their core, Revive knew who they were, but the clinic’s digital identity didn’t reflect their sense of self. The design didn’t appeal to Revive’s mostly female audience. Similarly, the overall aesthetic didn’t give any indication that the clinic was an advocate for skin care as an ally for self-confidence.

The brand’s identity needed a complete makeover for their digital presence to thrive. This required serious changes to the design, content, and user experience to appeal to the right audience.



Content Strategy

Creativity has its place in skincare.

Revive’s new website takes a visual approach to content. Medical content can sometimes be uninteresting to look through. Yet, it’s important to feature. We sought to make people want to read more.

In addition to small pockets of information, the medical language is often broken up by inspirational phrases such as “Experience worry-free beauty.” Headlines are carefully worded to make users feel safe and excited about their skin treatments. Given their affiliation with the Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic, the content also captures the clinic’s focus on prevention by highlighting the products they sell. Overall, the tone conveys Revive’s genuine passion for skincare through short, beautiful, and informative content.

Website Design

Beautiful and professional.

Clients want their medical experience to feel spa-like. They also crave a skincare experience that’s inviting and free of judgement. Through stunning images, a new colour palette, and animated UI, and thoughtful typography, we created a user-friendly and aspirational experience that resonates with women and honours the brand’s femininity.Instead of focusing on the negative and preying on insecurities, the new design alludes to what treatments can do for their clients’ self-confidence. Medical jargon isn’t necessary to instil trust in clients. Trust signals throughout the experience, along with a welcoming, approachable, aesthetic accomplishes the goal.

Development & User Experience

A comprehensive journey for clients.

We focused development on creating an uncomplicated user-driven experience with movement throughout for a contemporary feel. The homepage features scroll animations in various areas, along with interactive UI elements that allow users to find the information most relevant to them

The homepage’s interactive cheat sheets are a great example of providing the user with at-a-glance information and putting the control in their hands to learn more.

I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience working with Twirling Umbrellas. The entire team has been a dream to work with, guiding us towards something that would be aesthetically pleasing and timeless. It was clear that they understood us and the direction we wanted to take from the get-go. Our final product is better than we could have imagined. We thank you for making this such an easy process!”

Montana Brown, Cosmetic Injector, Revive Skincare

Final Thoughts

The digital world of skincare: reinvented.

For any website project, we start by taking into account the audience, positioning, and industry. In this case, Revive’s brand needed to be reinvigorated before their new site could thrive. The new website fully embodies the spirit of Revive. It attracts the right audience and clients who may have previously been intimidated by skincare treatments. Most importantly, the new digital presence allows the clinic to focus on what they do best.

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