Online shopping with undeniable style.

Style Trend Clothiers

Sparking joy in a fashionable digital space.

Style Trend is an independent shop that ships well-known, stylish clothes throughout North America. Established in Revelstoke in 1976, they are stocked with a carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories for men and women that change with the seasons.

With a bustling physical store, Style Trend’s digital space wasn’t representative of the boutique’s strong reputation. We developed an intuitive and modern website experience brimming with brand personality to help boost online sales.





Digital Brand Refresh

Beaming with the brand’s character.

Our shared goal was to elevate the Style Trend brand by expanding on existing elements, including the logo, colour palette, typography, and wording. These hadn’t been refined in some time and required cohesion and professional attention. We created fresh concepts to contend with their competitors.

The new homepage features neutral tones, flowing elements, up-to-date imagery, and youthful copy. This refresh makes for a better-looking, more memorable website that also elevates the purchasing process.


Generating trust with a trendy voice.

The website’s written tone needed to reflect Style Trend’s fun and trend-forward voice. We landed on a tone that’s casual, friendly, and approachable. The content, visuals, and calls to action are concise, playful, and on-brand without distracting the user from the shopping experience.

We organized the content strategically by highlighting brands, products, and categories and including wayfinding subheads. This allows the user to know exactly where they are in their experience and provides multiple paths to purchase. Lastly, we ensured all sections of the homepage were timely to allow the client to update their product selection every season.


A clean, light, and modern site.

Navigation can make or break an online shopping experience. Whether making a purchase or gathering inspiration, users jump around from item to item in hopes of finding the perfect outfit at the right price. The Style Trend website was halting that flow. For instance, the cart feature wasn’t available for all items, there were broken links, and too many pages read “Coming soon.” Overall, it made for a complicated shopping experience.

By redeveloping the website, we created an experience that allows for easy browsing and buying. The new website has helped boost sales and streamline the purchase experience. It features inspiring sales-driving UI elements: sitewide message bar, wishlist, related products, and more. Plus, it’s beautiful, modern, and on-brand.

We’re very much aware that mobile users make up a huge contingent of online shoppers. That’s why we prioritize mobile development in every project that we take on. The ecommerce features are easy to use on desktops and mobile devices.

Multisite network

Seamless shopping between two stores.

Style Trend’s sister store, The Annex, has a similar aesthetic but a distinct focus on home goods. We needed a way to connect the two sites seamlessly to allow users to browse the best of both stores in one integrated experience.

Using the Style Trend website structure as a base, we built a similar platform for The Annex with subtle nuances to give each brand its own unique feel. Shoppers can easily switch between stores via the top navigation tabs.

Bigcommerce + WordPress

Tapping into the best tech.

Style Trend and the Annex are both WordPress ecommerce websites powered by BigCommerce. BigCommerce has several advantages: it allows merchants to sell an unlimited number of goods, lets shoppers pay through PayPal, features a blog functionality, and gives developers the ability to make modifications.

We united WordPress, the best content management system, with BigCommerce, a powerful ecommerce platform. This harnesses both of their strengths to create a functional, practical, and intuitive ecommerce website.

Final Thoughts

Holistic marketing for the real world.

We build ecommerce experiences tailored to the brand, the type of products they sell, and their unique needs. With Style Trend and the Annex, it was important to make the websites not just functional but beautiful as well. We know e-commerce is about more than “add to cart.” It’s about the entire experience, and it starts with the brand.