Extracting the exceptional.

The Valens Company / SNDL


Timeless and trusted.

The Valens name means “strong and robust” in Latin. When creating their logo, we knew the design needed to reflect these values. We developed a modern (but not overly trendy) concept with a customized “V” symbolmark and gave the wordmark space to breathe. With black and white as the main brand colours, the visual identity projects confidence and professionalism. Beyond the logo, we created a comprehensive brand identity along with guidelines to ensure consistency.

Website Development

Marketing Strategy

Regulation navigation.

Marketing in the cannabis space has its unique challenges. Strict regulations limit the avenues for branded messaging and promotion. While these restrictions provide roadblocks for traditional channels, they also level the playing field.

With Valens being a B2B company, we focus marketing efforts on tactics that speak directly to their customers and investors. We believe that digital provides the best opportunity to do just that. Our digital-forward targeted strategy ensures that we’re reaching the right audience with the content that’s most relevant to them. And that we’re doing it all within the rules.

Content Strategy

Saying it with authority.

We developed a distinctly authoritative yet approachable tone of voice for Valens. Through website content, print and digital ads and various marketing materials, we aim to capture their “personal” approach. We also write a series of well-researched, science-backed articles on the Valens blog. This content strengthens their authority in the industry. It’s also huge for SEO.

Graphic Design


A golden opportunity to optimize.

Search Engine Optimization for cannabis takes patience, creativity and experience. We took an ongoing monthly dive into Valens’ website analytics and SEO to measure performance across key metrics. This identifies opportunities that create impact.

Podcast Development

There’s a whole lot to extract.

To help position Valens as an industry thought-leader, we came up with the idea to create their own podcast. Extracted takes an unfiltered look at a variety of relevant issues in the cannabis space and brings on a range of well-known industry influencers as guests.

We produce, disseminate, and promote the podcast bi-weekly. After the first season, the podcast has gained impressive traction.

Social Media

Staying well-connected.

Working closely with Valens, we strategize and manage their social media to make sure it’s relevant, valuable and timely. Their feed is a thoughtful mix of education, internal culture, behind-the-scenes operations, and company announcements. The steady growth of their followers shows they’re on the right path.

Over the years, Twirling Umbrellas’ growing knowledge of the cannabis space and enthusiasm for our company has been unparalleled. They have taken every media task/challenge and executed with the highest quality and care. In short, they just get us and our brand and you can’t ask for much more than that.

Kayla Mann, Internal Communications Manager, The Valens Company


We venture into the unknown with confidence.

Valens has navigated the complexities and fluctuations of the cannabis industry with resilience. Amidst challenges, their unwavering commitment to innovation has maintained their vital presence, setting the stage for future growth. This steadfast approach underscores their readiness to seize global opportunities, even in the face of industry uncertainties.

Their recent merger with Sundial (SNDL) heralds a significant evolution for Valens, marking the inception of a leader poised to redefine the cannabis landscape. By joining forces, Valens and Sundial are crafting a new narrative of strength and leadership in the sector, aiming to pioneer breakthroughs and set new benchmarks.