Adventure Touring
Adventure Touring

Optimized to hit the open road.

Adventure Touring first reached out to switch their Drupal websites to WordPress. If you know us, you know we’re big fans of WordPress for a bunch of reasons. With the site moved over to the World’s best CMS, we swiftly optimized pages, links, images, and a whole more to ensure a smoother, faster user experience.

From there, we drove a brand refresh and website redesign to consolidate multiple brands and sites into one cohesive digital platform.

Get ready for adventure.

Adventure Touring offers convenient and affordable RV rentals with depot locations across Canada, the United States and Australia. Their digital booking system makes it easy to search for vehicles, check availability, and book a dream RV getaway.


SEO on the go.

The previous sites were built around the SEO of the time which included lots of keywords and keyword-heavy pages. They were ranking well for many categories for years, but when best practices for SEO evolved, their rankings and traffic started to slip.

We started by picking off the low-hanging fruit. This included:

  • Creating redirects
  • Updating all internal links for tours, pages, and posts
  • Optimizing all pages, posts, images, and content
  • Optimization of domain health and website performance
  • Repairing broken links and removing expired pages

We did thorough keyword research and competitor analysis and used this to create a content strategy for blog posts. As you can imagine, any company in the travel industry experienced setbacks due to COVID. We recommended content that highlights the socially distant benefits of RV adventures compared to other means of travel.

Adventure Touring COVID Blog Post shown on 2 side by side tablets.


Unifying the collective.

The previous company structure featured several disconnected brands and websites, all with their own look. This not only divided their website traffic, it created confusion for customers. Our solution: we developed a single overarching Adventure Touring brand with sub-brands by location for Canada, USA, and Australia.

The new Adventure Touring brand features an approachable and modern style with a distinct wordmark and clean typography. For ease of application and location-recognition, the primary Adventure Touring Brand is supported by a series of country-specific, secondary brands. As a collective, these Adventure Touring logos have a credible, confident and polished look. This gives Adventure Touring a branding system that can grow with the company.

All three Adventure Touring Location Logos

User Experience

Multi-country meets simplicity.

Our challenge was to combine three very different international sites into one. We created a consistent architecture that brings a uniform structure to each country’s site. The websites for each country have a similar layout and organization with subtle differences in content and colour tailored to each location. The country selector tool allows users to easily toggle from country to country and stay within the familiar Adventure Touring world.

All 3 Adventure Touring Country Sites on iPhones

Website Design

AirBnB on wheels.

The website re-design was inspired by the AirBnB model, which puts the booking tool (the main reason for visiting the site) front and centre. Clear and straightforward content gets out of the user’s way as they navigate through the site and find everything they need to book their trip.

To emphasize the awe and wonder that accompanies adventure travel, imagery features open roads, landscapes, landmarks, wildlife, culture, local cuisine, and bucket list-worthy destinations. Bright, bold colours and a sweet suite of iconography add to the engaging and visually appealing digital experience.

Adventure Touring Site on Multiple Devices

Final Thoughts

Cohesion over confusion.

We love the challenge of taking different parts of a business and bringing them together to create a unified platform. Not only does it make the experience better for users, it makes websites much easier to manage and update. Check out our Nufloors case study for another example of how we created a cohesive website for a national business with multiple locations.

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