Ecommerce that’s right at home.

JEnish House Design

The dream house planning experience.

Jenish is an award-winning, nationally recognized house design company. For over 50 years, Jenish has been designing beautiful, modern house plans for customers across North America.

They required an improved digital experience that allows people to discover, share and purchase house plans they love easily. We leveraged WordPress and WooCommerce to develop a branded ecommerce platform that highlights their designs and streamlines the shopping experience.





Web Design

An open-concept design.

The new Jenish site has an inviting quality. The design is open and bright, with ample white space and a minimalistic colour palette. It presents a modern, professional feel that emphasizes today’s top trending homes with a showcase of Jenish’s home design imagery. Intuitively organized and visually inspiring, the site makes perusing house plans a breeze.


Inviting users in.

The written tone is friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, confident and customer-focused. It caters to North American homeowners who span a wide range of ages and income levels, from new homeowners in their 20s to seniors. While the audience varies, they all care about the same thing: finding the right house plan and being able to purchase it with ease.

Beyond guiding users through the experience, we crafted content to communicate that Jenish is more than just a place to buy plans – they are specialists in their field who have custom capabilities and exceptional customer service.

WordPress & WooCommerce Development

Features tailored to the plans.

With a database of over 1,000 house plans, Jenish’s new site needed its user-guiding features to be flawless. The new site has prominent filtering and search on the homepage, making it quick and easy to dive into relevant plans right off the bat. Once a user gets into the plans, the filtering options become even more robust.

We also know that choosing a house plan isn’t an impulse purchase. It requires time and consideration to weigh out the options, which often means coming back to the site multiple times before making a final decision. So, we added a wishlist functionality that allows users to save their favourites, share them with significant others and revisit them at a later date.

And finally, once users are ready to buy their plan, checkout is seamless. We streamlined the purchase process to make buying plans a smooth user experience.

Media & Galleries

Crafted for Imagination and Inspiration.

Why tell when you can show? We brought Jenish House Design’s vision to life with big, bold photography and stunning renderings of their homes. Each image is a window into a possible future, inviting customers to step into their dream home before the first brick is laid. Our visual storytelling doesn’t just showcase houses; it paints a picture of a lifestyle, turning browsing into dreaming and dreams into reality.

Final Thoughts

WordPress + WooCommerce for the win.

We always recommend the ideal digital solution for our client’s needs. In this case, Jenish needed to improve its customer experience, share inspiration via its blog and ultimately provide a shoppable digital catalogue of its house plans.

WordPress provides Jenish with a brand-first marketing experience, allowing them to share house trends in an engaging format. Meanwhile, WooCommerce has all the functionality needed for the ecommerce side of things to thrive. Together, they provided the perfect combo for Jenish to accelerate their business.